Healthiest/Unhealthiest Nutrition Bars

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The other day while eating a Luna Bar for breakfast, I sat & wondered to myself  is this even healthy for me? That’s when I decided to do a little research & look into the ingredients of the most popular nutrition bar. Below is my list of the 3 healthiest nutrition bars and the 3 least healthy bars out on the market. I found out that I wasn’t making the healthiest choice and the nutrition bar I was choosing for energy was actually filled with vitamins that would slow me down as a result.

Healthiest Bars


1. Blueberry Pecan + Fiber: This bar contains10-ingredients made with almonds, blueberries, honey, and brown rice. It’s low in protein only 3 grams, but Kind bars are a clean bar that gives you a boost of energy!


2. If you’re looking for a bar filled with protein and fiber this one has 17g of fiber and 20g…

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