6 things they didn’t tell me about becoming an aunt


I’ve been an aunt to a little girl for the past 14 months and in September I’ll become an aunt to a little boy. And I CAN’T WAIT. When I found out I was going to become an aunt saying I was excited was an understatement. I was ecstatic, but there were a couple things that came along with being an aunt that caught me by surprise. I thought I knew a lot about being an aunt. I’ve got three aunts that I see regularly. What didn’t I know? Life wouldn’t be that different. Right?

They didn’t tell me that…

1) Seeing your niece/nephew for the first time turns you into a blubbering fool. I thought only moms and grandparents cried when they saw babies. Aunts are supposed to be the cool ones that just give the kids candy when their mom isn’t looking. What’s this crying business? Eyes. Stop…

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